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 Would you like a little pepper?

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PostSubject: Would you like a little pepper?   9/5/2011, 9:56 am

On some of our videos, you may notice on the YouTube comments that some people like to accuse us of "peppering" our hunt locations. The term peppering means someone plants targets in a location so they can be recovered at a later time, possibly on video. I can understand how someone might think this, so let me try to explain why someone might get this inclination and why we shoot our videos the way we do.

Why do you only show your ‘good finds’? Let me ask you this- would you want to sit at your computer for ten minutes at a time watching us dig tinfoil, cans, shotgun shells, and whatever other kind of trash we find? We show our interesting finds because that’s where the history is, not the Budweiser can that was eight inches deep.

Why do you only show some of the finds after you have dug them? Simple answer: Time. If I was to film every single hole that we dig, I might get about an hour of digging time in during a four hour hunt. Ponder this- if you carried a backpack that had your camera tucked away in it and you sat your pack down to retrieve your camera every time you came to a good sounding target, not only would you waste time, but you would also waste a lot of energy. Having said that, we could ‘re-bury’ the target and then dig it back up while filming, but then you risk damaging the relic. Besides, the majority of the time the relic is still sitting in the dirt seconds after we have located it when we begin filming.

There may be some other questions that you have as to why we do things a certain way. If you happen to have any, please post a comment below. I would love to answer it for you.

If this still doesn’t sway your way of thinking of us PEPPERING a site, then that is your choice and I guess you will have to watch our videos with a grain of SALT.

Happy Hunting!
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Would you like a little pepper?
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