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 Research and Recovery: Quick Diggin' #5 - Confederate I Button

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PostSubject: Research and Recovery: Quick Diggin' #5 - Confederate I Button   1/6/2010, 9:39 am

Join us as Brian heads off into the woods with his White's MXT metal detector and Predator Tools shovel and recovers a very nice Confederate relic from the American Civil War. After digging about six inches down, out pops a Confederate Iron back or Tin back Infantry Button. The front of the button is brass and the back is made of iron. If you notice, the back of the button is very rusty. Eventually, this button would have been lost forever due to deterioration.

Thanks to Relic Hunting and Relic Hunters themselves, we are able to let history live on for more generations. Along with educating the public about each artifact recovered Research and Recovery also preserves each piece to ensure its lifespan will be longer than if it was left in the ground. Unfortunately, archaeologists needs funds in order to recover and learn about history. Relic hunters, like the Research and Recovery team do not depend on grants or donations to recover lost American history. Even so, we still provide education about each object found on each video as well as on our forum at . We invite you to come and visit our site as it is very useful in learning about the history of the United States.