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 Background Information on South Alabama Creek Indians

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PostSubject: Background Information on South Alabama Creek Indians   1/5/2010, 3:41 pm

Background information on Creek Indians that lived in South Alabama:

The Muscogee (or Muskogee), also known as the Creek or Creeks, are a Native American people originally from the southeastern United States.[1] Mvskoke is their name in traditional spelling. Modern Muscogees live primarily in Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Their language, Mvskoke, is a member of the Muscogee branch of the Muscogean language family. They were a part of the Mississippian culture, which was located throughout the Mississippi River valley. The early Spanish explorers, according to historian Walter Williams, encountered their antecedents.[2] In the 19th century, Muscogees were known as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" because they had integrated numerous cultural and technological practices of their European American colonial neighbors.

In 1795, along with the Seminoles, William Bowles formed a short-lived state in northern Florida known as the State of Muskogee. The Muscogee would be the first Native Americans to be civilized under George Washington's civilization plan. In 1811, the Shawnee leader Tecumseh, with the help of a prophetic comet and earthquake, convinced the Muscogee to resist the efforts of American civilization. The Red Stick War began as a civil war within the Muscogee Nation, which would enmesh them in the War of 1812. After removal efforts, the Muscogee Nation would be moved to Indian Territory and the Poarch Band of Creek Indians would eventually be formed in Alabama.


The artifacts that are depicted in this collection were given to me from my uncle who resides in South Alabama. They were recovered in the Pea River system.
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Background Information on South Alabama Creek Indians
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